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"Knowledge and experience in industrial logistics."

The accumulated experiences over 20 years in international transport brought us back a deep know-how in the different alternatives & options given by market, enabling us to guarantee the best service for each specific cargo.

Project cargo transport has, besides the proper difficulty given by dimensions & weight, an added obstacle because of the final destination (remote places / restricted areas). This is why a wide experience is needed just to deploy & design the arrangements at first stages, choosing the best way for each piece to transport. This experienced showed us there are no two similar projects and each one must be studied and planned in a case by case basis. There is nothing in common in sending a boiler to the very center at Morocco desert than a trafo into a nuclear plant in the center of Mexico or a power generator in the center of Europe. Thus, CCPN estudies your project in a very detailed way to get the most efficient transport posible, looking for your satisfaction and targets’ compliance.

For each kind of cargo CCPN is capable of offering value added services such as Wooden & plastic packaging, Stuffing & devanning of containers, Lashing & securing, Special transports, Cranes hire

The triggering in the world demand of renewable energies with the aim to substitute the traditional energy sources, has forced countries & privates to invest lots of money in wind & solar power plants.

The needs of transportation for windmills has created a specific market inside project cargo world with vessels, means of handling & transport properly designed for these purpose.

With over 15 windfarms transported (approximatedly 1.000.000 cbm) from CCPN we may say we are a company with a high grade of knowledge in the design & development of this kind of projects.

Airfreight market is also ready to move cargoes. Both project and general ones are mkoved from point to poit all areound the world by air. For regular & spot shipments by air CCPN has signed very advantageous contracts with the some of the best airfreight leader carriers just to make your goods reach with the required punctuality.